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In the tradition of the religious pamphlet where a large message is encapsulated in a small tract, WINGS (1995) is a small booklet of 12 pages (produced from a single sheet of paper) the first in a series of twelve such booklets designed by RT Simon and published by the Bread & Puppet Press between 1995-2013.

Untitled photo

This book was designed during an late evening before an early departure as a gift, in an edition of 12 copies on cream vellum, hence the brown hue.

The twelve originals were distributed randomly and WINGS was then printed by the Bread & Puppet Press in several editions of 1000 copies. It depicts a combination of both rehearsal and performance photos from the 1994 Bread & Puppet Theater's The Pageant, from Our Annual Domestic Resurrection Circus, Glover Vermont, in which a field of performers learn to fly with cardboard wings. Its unique feature is that it is, in fact, a pair of tiny paper wings. 

In 2000, WINGS was selected with other small publications into a new collection of artist books at the Brooklyn Museum of Art. Curator Deirdre E. Lawrence introduced the collection in an essay published in 2001 and presents a representative list of titles from 1960-2001.

Titles include:

Twentysix gasoline stations, (Ed Ruscha 1962).

Andy Warhol’s Index Book (Random House, 1967).

Sol Lewit, Four basic kinds of straight lines … (Studio International 1969).

Vito Acconci`s Illegal America… (Exit Art, 1982).

WINGS Photography and Design by RT Simon (Bread & Puppet Press 1995).

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