Background for Rehearsing with Gods Essay

Select photographs and texts by Ron T Simon

     Welcome to Ron T. Simon's catchall collection of everything regarding The Bread and Puppet Theater, including photo galleries, memorabilia, musings on book publishing, and excepts from Peter Schumann's lexicon of endless ideas that may tickle our collective sensibility to embrace Humanism, create art as a way of life and of course, emphasize the simple necessities like bread and charity of heart and mind, which is the most generous gift Peter Schumann offers to the world.

   Peter Schumann's prodigious production of art and theater is relentless in reminding his audience that benevolence is a collective force. The expression of sharing our humanity is embedded in his theater practice, caught in the features of his sculptures as series of human longings that we all recognize, sometimes painfully, coaxing empathy that is dormant to rise and to act for a better world. This sensibility can be found at the core of Peter Schumann's life work.       

   In 2004 I co-authored Rehearsing with Gods with Vermont author, Marc Estrin, published by Chelsea Green Publishing in an edition of 6000.      It was a great experience and I am about to embark on several new publishing projects which include a new book titled Why Rye!, a translation of Rehearsing with Gods, and a novel which has nothing to do with this theater. 

This page is UNDER CONSTRUCTION -- Please send  suggestions of what you would like to see posted here. 

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